Sunday, April 12, 2009


1.Apakah benda paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
Family and friends

2.Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan duit sendiri?

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
Erm anywhere....? I don't know and don't mind

4.Berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?
I don't know and I don't care

5.Adakah kamu dilamun cinta?
Erm what if I say no

6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
Erm I do not remember

7.Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
Erm Kreko

8.Apakah nama penuh kamu?
Nor Wajdi Waqiyuddin B Abd Rahman

9.Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
I am a fair man so i will say both.

10.Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin berjumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
Erm I don't know

11.Sebutkan 7 sabahat PALING rapat dengan anda?
a. no
b.hell no
c.screw that
d. no one

12.Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian kamu sendiri?

13.Tempat yg paling seronok kamu mahu pergi
Erm of course no doubt heaven

14.5 perkara tentang org yang tag kamu
a. A girl
b.Hail from kl
c.Stay in alor star
d.Ex skm student
e.ex mjsc student

15. tag 5 orang
kak long cekadak
sis sufi
bro nafis


1. Anda rasa anda hot?

I do not think that I am a hot guy . It is simply because I know that I did not have a good look and a well builed muscular body .So I do not think that I am hot.

2. upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
I like this picture because this photo bring back the memory of my sweet primary school experience back in 2003.Yeah in this school I met with several good friends and bad enemies too. So if you think that I am sweet , think again because i can be your good friend or your worst nightmare.The choice is in your hand.

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
I ate pizza the last time during the month of October of the year 2008 along with my other tutee mates back when I was study in ASIS.

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
The last song that I listened was just close your eyes by the story of the year.It is a good song and it is also the entrance song for the instant classic and the captain charisma , Christian.

6. Apa yang sedang anda buat selain daripada selesaikan tag ini?
Nothing .

7. Selain dari nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan panggilan aper?
Mr. Wacky Wady .

8. Tag lagi 6++ orang dengan hati terbuka tanpa rasa kekesalan huhu.

9. Saper no. 1- kepada anda?
My elder sister in the cf family

10. Orang no 3 - ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
I don't know.

11. Kata sesuatu berkenaan dengan orang no. 5?
It is so pity for you guys that ecw will never be the same as in 90 again.

12. Bagaimana pulak dengan orang nombor 4?
Screw that , dumbass

13. Siapakah orang no. 2?
My friend in skm back in 2000 to 2003.

14. Bagi pesanan anda pada orang no. 6 dan seterusnya?
Just quit the stupid storyline between you and matt .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


5 things in my bag
2.Pencil case

5 things in my wallet
2.Identity card
3.Bank card
4.Expired bus tickets
5.Locker keys

5 favourite things in my bedroom:-
1.Playstation 2
2.Dvd player
5.Air conditioner

5 things I wish to do
1.Become a good muslim
2.Become a good son to my parents
3.Become a good friend to all my friends
4.Become a world heavyweight champion in wwe or professional wrestling
5.Become a good husband to the woman that I love

5 things I’m doing now
1.Play my playstation
2.Chat via yahoo massenger
3.Reply this tagged
4.Watch ECW via
5.Watch Ally at tv3

6 people I would like to tag:
1. dik sue-
2.skuter kopa -
5.Tak Kompom -
6.Anyone lah

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello everyone.
In this topic I will write about my last school ever that is Alam Shah Science School.
I went to the school at 31st January 2007 after getting an offer to continue my study here.
I was placed at a dorm known as 1B3 along with the Laksamana housemates.
At the first night , we were having some ice breaking session with the seniors but was interrupted by the wardens .
We, the form 4 students were forced to sleep and the seniors were forced to go to the field at 12 midnight to have their "reward" by the warden.
The first week of my days in ASIS , we were having orientation session , that is contucted by the prs or pembimbing rakan sebaya.
It was quite fun as I got to know with a lot of new friend that came from various parts in Malaysia.
The major amount of students came from Selangor and Kl.
It was quite tough for me to study there in my early days there as I had to learn to talk Kl style of malay.
It was hard for me to learn that as I just can talk in Kl slang after a year I study there.
Then after a week , I was placed in 4 Dinamik class.
I was the only student in that class that came from Kedah .
Most of the student in that class came from Kl.
It was fun to study in that class as I got the chance to know with Arbok , Acha , Arif and Arsyad.
Arbok came from Kelantan is a very cheerful guy , Acha or Tajuzzaman came from Perak and called as Acha because he looks like Acha Septriasa, while Arif and Arsyad came from Kl are hyperactive boys and they make the class become cheerful.
Back to the dorm , there were 11 students of form 4 that were me , Jani , Alif , Tonk, Umar,Wan , Scott, Lo, Hafiz , Hakim and Rem or si kacak plus other form 5 students that were Hariz as the dorm leader, Qayyum as his assistance, Haziq , two person Faiz , Pong and Hamsani so there were 18 students in that dorm but there were two prefects from that dorm that have been forced to leave the dorm and stay in the prefects room that were Kamar and Fatty Acid.
At form 4 , we the classes in asis have a soccer tournament and i was the goalkeeper of my class and we became the champion of the tournament after beating the 4 kreatif class in a hard battle in the final match until it had to be decided via penalty kicks.
I was kinda loser in asis back in form 4 as i had 3 9g that were chemist , physics and add maths.
There were 11 classes in asis when i was in form 4 that were amanah , bestari , cita , dinamik, gigih , harmoni , inovatif , jaya , kreatif , maju , and usaha but when in form 5 the classes became 9 as maju and usaha was vanished.
When i was in form 5 , one of my dormmates , Tonk left the school while Alif and Jani left the dorm to stay in the prefects room.
So the number of form 5 students in 1b3 when I was form 5 was only 7.
Thanks to god, we were given a lot of juniors.
They were Tulang , Bapuk, Zack , Zacky, TMZ, Wazien , Tonk (2nd generation), Rico , Ultimate, Sulhi, Jalut and Hijazi.
They helped us a lot during the weekly inspection by the wardens as they were forced by the dorm special enforcer who was me to clean the dorm .
The form 5 did not have to clean the dorm before the inspection because it is a tradition in asis that form 4 student have to clean the dorm before the inspection.
So we will sleep during the time they clean our dorm.
Talk about inspection , inspection is a weekly activity where wardens of asis will enter our dorm and will mark whether our dorm was clean or not, how smart we wear our clothes, and to check whether the infrastructure is enough or not .
Other than that , the wardens will also open our locker to ensure that everybody's locker was clean and tidy.
In form 5 , Scott became the dorm leader while Wan became his assistance .
In form 5 , I was placed in 5 Inovatif , haha the best class ever in asis.
We were having a lot of classes and other activities that was prepared by the pibg of asis.
We study really hard that year , but when we exhausted , we slept sometimes haha.
We were always under pressure by the teachers and the wardens as we were the most wanted guys by the warden in asis.
We were not bad , just a little bit naughty haha.
So we study hard until the spm days.
And thank god i got 8a and 2b in spm.
Thanks for reading this topic in my blog.
Have a nice day.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hi everyone, it is me again , Wajdi.
In this topic i will write about my former school, Sultan Abdul Hamid College.
I went to this school for three years that is from 2004 to 2006.
I was placed at a class called omega in my first day in this school.
There are 3 races in this school until now.
That are malay, chinese and the indian.
Me , Syuk and Ajam were the only student from skm.
But Syuk went to smkak after a week.
So I make a lot of new friend.
Most of the student in this school came from Kedah , but there were also some students from the other states in Malaysia.
First , I will talk about my form 1 experience.
The day was 31st December 2003.
Me along with my family went to the school for registeration.
That day , I was informed that I will be placed in 1 omega.
In the first week of schooldays, all form 1 student have to undergo orientation session.
The session was contucted by the teachers in SAHC.
I make a lot of new friend that day .
There were a lot of activity for all the form 1 students.
Then after a week, all the students were placed in their respective classes.
There were 7 classes for form 1 students .
They were alfa , beta , delta, gamma , omega , sigma , and upsilon.
Most of the students did not last long in SAHC as they went to the boarding school or mara junior science college.
One thing that I like in sahc when I was form 1 is all the malay and indian students have to learn chinese language or more specificely the mandarin .
It was a new thing for me as I had never learnt mandarin before.
When I was in kindergarden , I just learnt the hokkien.
Then I realised that the chinese has more than hundreds of languages.
Haha but it was funny in that class because the teacher, miss Ang often been attacked mentally by the students.
Haha they were bullying her.
It was funny because the way we learn mandarin is just as same as the small kids in the kindergarden learning english haha.
Then i will write about my form 2 experience.
I remained in omega class that year.
I was lucky because I had the chance to be one of the student of the late ustaz Asri.
He was my class teacher that year.
He taught us the pendidikan agama islam subject.
It was fun to become his student.
Then when I was in form 2, I get to know Izzat and Ridzuan closer.
They were the individuals who were responsible to make me a wrestling fan.
I still remember on how I became a wrestling fan.
It was when I in form 1.
I went to a shopping complex known as city plaza with them to accompany them to buy some stuffs.
Then they stop a while at a dvd shop and they bought a wrestlemania 20.
I asked them what in this world is wrestlemania?
Then they replied that wrestlemania was the biggest event in wwe history and they gave me the cd for free.
They came from a rich family , so rm5 is not a big deal to them.
Then when I went home, I played the cd and watched it.
Man , it was fun as it help me to release my stress.
Haha from that day , I became a big wrestling fan.
Then , I will write about my form 3 experience.
I was placed in the third class , Delta because my performance in the form 2 last year exam was not good enough.
I went to the class with my friends from 2 omega that were Ikhwan , Amirul, and other chinece guys.
Chinese students are normally nerd but that was not the case in 3 delta class .
I enjoy my days in 3 delta as the students in this class are cheerful , energetic , and also hyperactive haha.
I still remember 1 of my friends, Ng In Wei , a chinese boy who wants to learn to play sepak takraw.
He play the game in our class with other malay students.
Unfortunately , he still did not expert in controlling the ball and he kick the ball to the class window and smash it haha.
He was scared at that time but the malay students were relax as it happened every weeks haha.
That year , we were having our pmr examination.
We were study smart as we did not just study, we play too sometimes.
Even on the pmr exam weeks , we still play uno cards in our class haha.
Thankfully , I got 8a in pmr.
Then when I got an offer from a boarding school , I left sahc .
Thanks for taking some of your time to read this topic.


Hello everyone, it's me again Wajdi.
In this topic i will write about my experience during my primary school era.
I came to this school by the year of 2000, that was when i was 10 years old.
I was placed in a class named hijau.
The name of the class has been changed to sukses in 2002.
That day , i was sad because before that day , i used to start my school days on monday, so it is quite weird for me to go to school in sunday.
Honestly i was quite sleepy that day because i was not used to wake up early every sunday haha.
Then I start to join with my new friend , new hommies , new situation and luckily for me it was fun to study there.
I became the new kids on the block, and i was quite scared at that time.
I became friends with pidot, nafis , atikah , nabila , and others.
Then i became a librarian in 2001 along with muhaimin and adam.
At 2002 , I became a prefect , and honestly i did not like it haha.
At this school , i was close with Nabila and Atikah .
We used to play soccer together eventhough they are girls.
Although we were close friends, we also fought sometimes.
I still remember that i was punched by Nabila until i suffer a broken nose haha.
But luckily it was not bad.
Talk about school, at skm we were given alot of homeworks.
Haha I did not finished the homework not even once.
Luckily my name was not called to give the books to the headmaster to be checked.
If not, i am a piece of dead chicken haha.
I play soccer in skm and represent the school just for one year.
It was because my exam result was bad that year , that was in 2001.
My parents became mad and forbid me from playing football anymore for skm.
I was sad but thanks for the decision my study became a lot easier.
I also make a lot of enemy back in skm days.
For example I always hide qos books and never return the books back.
But until this day i still curious on how they know that it was me who hides their book haha.
I was rude to the girls at skm.
Especially to the qos group lead by an arrogant , sick and twisted girl known as *f**r*h*n
She makes me sick to study there.
But some of my friends fall in love with her because or her "beautiful" look.
Haha that was an old story.
At skm I said harsh words a lot.
But that was not the case now haha.
I have changed to a new and improved Wajdi.
Anyway i love skm.
I will write about my standard 3 experience.
I was a new kid in the block.
I went to skm and was placed in 3 hijau.
Then all the students were placed in the canteen for registration.
Haha I remember at that canteen , I got to know with Atikah , Pidot ,Awis ,Nabila and Nafis.
I had known Awis a day before because his house is just a stone throw away from mine.
The class teacher of 3 hijau was Teacher Rosfariza.
She taught us mathematics.
I was a blue house member.
The house always fight with red house during the sports day for the number one ranking.
I got first place in the mid year exam but drop to the third place in the last year exam as I became lazy to study haha.
Then I will write about my standard 4 experience.
I remained in hijau class.
We got a new class teacher that was teacher Norlela, she tought us english and mathematics.
She was kind to us , the students.
My exam results become worse that year bacause i play a lot and study just several times .
I still remember i got 2a 2b and 1 c that year .
I did not care too much about kh , kt and pai subjects haha because they will not be tested in the upsr.
In standard 4, we got a pjk teacher known as mr. Noraffendi.
We, the boys usually play soccer during pjk period and joined by 2 girls that were Atikah and Nabila.
One day, mr . Noraffendi saw Nabila play football with us .
Haha then he told Nabila to take a penalty kick twice.
Once she score against the goalkeeper, Pidot but the second try was saved by Pidot.
Mr Noraffendi cannot believe that Nabila can score the penalty kick haha.
Another sweet memories when I was in standard 4 is I were choosen along with several students in our class to represent the school in a choral speaking competition.
It was fun as that time my ability to read and talk in English was terrible.
Haha from that day , I started to study English better.
When in standard 5 I remained in that class , but the name of the class has been changed to sukses.
I became prefect that year and as I said earlier I don't like it.
Haha I remember that i had to prevent any students to go to the stairs during the recess time.
The prefects can go out to have their breakfast earlier .
So I just sat at the stairs along with other prefects like a statue.
That is one of the reasons I don't like to be a prefect.
Haha but I like it when I had to watch the other classes when the teachers were not around.
It was fun as sometimes I will join the students in the class and chatting about a lot of things with them haha.
But when the head prefect , Fahmi who is also my senior at sultan abdul hamid college saw me chatting with the students , he will scold me haha.
Then in standard 5 , there were 2 new kids on the block that were Sufi and Ainul.
Ainul came from Pontian and the boys called her pontianak sometimes haha.
Sufi was a Convent student and she came from kl haha .
Then the most exciting year in skm was when I was in standard 6.
That year was 2003 and we were having our upsr examination that year.
That year we had a new mathemathic teacher that was teacher Norsiah.
She loves to pinch the students at their stomach who are careless in their maths work .
Haha it was pain as hell as I suffered it sometimes when I was careless in my maths work.
That year puan Masturi taught us malay subject.
She loves to nag when the students did not finish their homework haha.
Although I am a malay , but i found that it was hard to study malay language.
This can be shown in my trial result as i get 4a and 1 b and that b goes for bahasa malaysia pemahaman.
Then in standard 6 , there were no pjk subjects.
I think that was a bad decision as students need to play sometimes to release their tension.
I felt like that because pjk is one of my favourite subjects haha.
Then we have a week motivation session at outside of the school.
It was fun there as we sang some motivation song that was so not helping me at all , and i think it was just wasting the pibg money haha.
But it was really fun when the technique to answer upsr session started.
This session really helped me as I applied the technique that I learnt in my study and my exam result became better.
After the upsr exams finished, we still have about a month and a half of schooldays.
I just go to school when there were a soccer competition involving my team, if not i would just stay at my house having some time with playing the playstation 2 or just watching the television.
Luckily and thankfully I got 5a in upsr.
And from the date the result until the day i met with sufi at the tagged world , i completely did not contact with anyone from skm.
Thankfully , i met sufi at the tagged world.
So I still in contact with some of them in skm like nabila or bella for now,sufi, ummi, syuhada, nafis , anas and many more just to name a few.
So thanks for taking some of your precious time to read this topic .


I hail from Alor Star, Kedah.
I am just an average teenager.
I am 17 years old and will become 18 this September.
My former schools were sk seberang jaya 2 , I study there just 1 week , then I went to sk seberang jaya for 2 years before i went to my beloved school, sk mergong .I study there until i finished my primary school.I was a badass in this schol haha.
I got 5a in upsr.
Then i start my secondary school era at sultan abdul hamid college. I start to love wrestling here.This school is a boy school.I study there for three years.
I got 8a in pmr.
After all these years i study in my homestate, i got an offer to continue my study at a boarding school, alam shah sciece school. I start to know a lot about internet and information technology in this school.
From this school also I start to hear the indiependents music, and a lot of other stuff.
Haha that's all from me for now.
I will write more for the view of everyone, so don't forget to read my blog haha.